convolvulus new blue moon

The violet-blue, morning glory-like flowers appear in early spring and continue until early autumn. Spreading Ground Cover. Blue Enchantment Convolvulus is a dwarf morning glory known for the color of its flowers -- a stunning deep blue with yellow centers surrounded by white. We had just removed overgrown shrubs from this spot, so with some new soil, manure, peat moss and turning … More information available at Very tough in full sun. convolvulus (not often called by its common name, ‘bindweed’) Botanic name: Convolvulus mauritanicus . Deciduous perennial As with many 'blue' Hostas this form is reasonably slug resistant. in early winter to allow space for early bulbs. Plant in semi-shade in nice rich moist soil. Fast growing and is suitable for growing in most areas including coastal locations. 20cm.x80cm. Profile. Best climate: Ground Morning Glory is an extremely low-water requiring plant, and like many Mediterranean climate plants, it does require very good drainage. The thick blue-grey rounded foliage forms a very neat little clump. Plant in full or partial shade, preferably where soils are well-drained. Like the species it is a trailing groundcover with soft dark green rounded leaves but it … The new variety is a Convolvulus, normally produced as â ¦ In Stock. Convolvulus ‘New Blue Moon’ Convolvulus mauritanicus ‘New Blue Moon’ This plant is a registrable plant variety under section 43(6) of the Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994. CONTAINER DRY TOLERANT GROUND COVER FULL SUN MIXED BORDERS. A short video showing how to propagate convolvulus sabatius by cuttings. Mom wanted a red white and blue garden in front of the house for 4th of July. Spreading Ground Cover. The silver blue foliage of convolvulus â Two Moonsâ is enhanced with two tone blue and silver white flowers. Convolvulus / k ə n ˈ v ɒ l v juː l ə s / is a genus of about 200 to 250 species of flowering plants in the bindweed family Convolvulaceae, with a cosmopolitan distribution. Soil: Convolvulus performs best in full sun with well drained soil - preferably light with some added humus. We spotted Blue My Mind in Lowe’s while picking up some red and white vinca. The spring-summer flowers are pale mauve but really it's about the foliage. Cut it back to 15cm. Common names include bindweed and morning glory ; both names shared with other closely related genera . Description: Trailing perennial with small, oval leaves and soft, slender stems. Maintenance: Cut it back firmly every year or two. An abundance of flowers over the warm summer months. A charming prostrate plant used en mass as an ornamental groundcover or for cascading down sides of retaining walls. Find 140mm Convolvulus New Blue Moon - Convolvulus sabatius at Bunnings Warehouse. A hardy ground-cover that produces funnel-shaped, sky-blue flowers throughout the summer months. Full Sun,Dry,Frost Hardy (Below 1c) Height: Spread: 60cm 'Tap' for more images. They all provide a showy display of funnel-like flowers over the warmer months and are ideal as hardy ground covers or for filling smaller or narrow spaces. Convolvulus mauritanicus ‘New Blue Moon’ Convolvulus mauritanicus ‘New Blue Moon’ It makes dense evergreen mats of foliage studded with deep blue moons. Convolvulus Blue Moon. Convolvulus forms a large family, which are a highly versatile and ornamental group with a faithful performance. Convolvulus sabatius 'Moroccan Beauty' PP15,104 (Blue Casbah Morning Glory) - This is an improved form of the ground morning glory with a compact growth and a very prostrate habit. Hosta of the Year 2008.

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