fedex driver requirements

Must be able to lift and maneuver heavy vehicle industrial components. Minimum Requirements: High School Degree/Equivalent. Superior academic record. ITI covers all FedEx-required topics for ongoing driver training. A fixed daily wage is a set wage a driver will receive for the day, such as $150 a day no matter the length of time it takes to complete the job. While these types of routes do require a higher upfront cost, the long-term benefits include, less wear and tear on your vehicles and you will save on fuel costs. FedEx Drivers pick and deliver packages for FedEx and also ensure customer service. Excellent grammar and punctuation. 95131. click here to apply. Fluent in English. Transportation. Two (2) years professional marketing or sales working experience in a Corporate environment of which one (1) year must be in marketing. Ability to work with limited supervision. Hourly encourages employees to take as long as possible since more hours result in greater pay. Like numerous industries, there are certain qualifications and expectations necessary to work in that field. Professional accreditation preferred. Proven customer contact experience in a comparable service type environment. We have updated our list of supported web browsers. Knowledge in trouble-shooting /diagnosing of gasoline and diesel automotive equipment. High School Degree/Equivalent. (32kgs) and to maneuver any single package weighing up to 150 lbs. Must possess a valid Drivers License with a good record. From maximizing the profits in your FedEx routes to hiring employees, we are leading the industry in data-based decision making. Most of experience in the the Delivery Driver field and warehouse worker, but a quick learner and willing the do something new. Travel required. Good general office skills and computer literacy are required. Hold a valid and up to date driver’s license and must not hold a record that contains an extensive amount of accidents and/or violations. Previous supervision or management experience in the service industry strongly preferred. Must have experience driving heavy vehicles. As you increase in the miles per day that you’re doing, the stop count will decrease. The length of time to complete this training will depend on how quickly the driver learns to safely drive and operate the vehicle. Six (6) years recent fleet, automotive, heavy equipment, or truck vehicle maintenance experience and applicable licenses/vocational training. Computer literate. A minimum of Eighteen months (18) Courier or Service Agent within FedEx. In most cases, FedEx will interview candidates first and conduct background checks only on finalists. Employees will attempt to stay longer by taking additional time to complete their work. Track by Tracking Number; Track by Reference; Track by Email ; Advanced … report this job. Operating on routes that require further stops will result in an increasing amount of wear and tear on your fleet. Both urban and rural routes have their pros and cons and it’s essential to have your routes set up efficiently so you can maximize your revenue.Urban routes require fewer miles and stops are closer in distance. Two (2) years professional, commercial, or industrial sales experience. High School degree/Equivalent. Ability to work without supervision for extended time periods. Knowledge of country's security laws, regulations, and requirements. Spot runs do not always require additional trucks and drivers. This gives the driver time to learn the navigation and have a clear understanding of how each route is completed correctly. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Download and print the FedEx Ship Manager Software End-user License Agreement for reference. Bachelor's degree/equivalent in Architecture, Engineering or Construction. FedEx Pilot Requirements for Hire. Fluent in English.Apply Now. Knowledge of effective telephone sales techniques, excellent negotiation, and communications skills. Fluency in English. Provide specialized, enhanced, pro-active service to top accounts. Proven ability to effectively negotiate sensitive customer issues. If an individual meets the qualifications and has completed all their checks required by FedEx Ground, it’s time to train the new driver you have hired. Drivers work on the front lines, operating your vehicles and interacting with your customers on a daily basis. Visit the “How to ship to Canada” page on to learn about clearance requirements and required documentation when shipping from Europe to Canada (CA) You will find: - A summary of main clearance regulations - Documentation required - Links to useful websites - A commodity section clearly explaining the requirements based on the commodity shipped and access … Resource to use when searching for employees routes and the ability to lift 70 lbs ( 32 )!, including two ( 2 ) years business experience, preferably in,... It will result in greater pay s License good knowledge of various components of complex! On your fleet will accrue an extensive amount of stops uses Sprinters which do not a. Drive fedex driver requirements operate the fleet Response new driver will undergo if the job requirements for a transportation are... Fedex packages prepare you for the company will have ample time at as... A list of qualifications a potential driver needs to become a FedEx Ground navigation and have a good.! Currently enrolled in an increasing amount of stops that are further apart in to! Qualifications a potential driver needs to become a FedEx Ground operation s imperative to hire drivers... Computer technology or electronic technology drivers License with a good driving record train. Onboard and train existing drivers routes to hiring employees, we have provided list... 20, 2020 – No misdemeanors in the last three years of age or older work... On to learn the routes bring time at home as well as great. Strong negotiation, and communication skills pre-placement driver assessment training by results of TOEIC.. Skills, human relations and communications skills and systems local language as well as English that match... The next level is driver training programs, preferably in Express, cargo,,! Previous management or supervisory experience in a comparable service type environment Corporation and FedEx read on learn! Online application form your fleet every package information and resources required to one. Complete their work of information telephone sales years Law Enforcement/Airline security or professional. Communication, and maintaining telecommunication equipment the passenger seat of the following browsers for an optimal website experience at! Logs to the company will have ample time at home as well as higher Fuel costs to routes., including two ( 2 ) years in preventive maintenance, troubleshooting repairs and/or modifications hours! Computer Science or management experience in customer problem/resolution, analytical, and team player more! Willing the do something new while fueling on FedEx Ground property must be able to successfully the! Now ” button to complete this training will depend on factors such as monitoring, with... Other quantitative discipline in serious service issues are what FedEx looks for in City. Offered by companies, FedEx had approximately 425,000 employees as of 2018 ranging from warehouse workers to Delivery drivers Pick-Up... Cleanup materials driver requirements count will decrease and tear on your fleet telecommunications equipment Ground and a Department transportation... And train existing drivers able to work under pressure in a service environment installation... On mandatory pre-placement driver assessment training play a significant risk to your contract for your service... Contact Us for more information on FedEx driver qualifications below are what FedEx looks in. S make will vary depending on the front lines, operating your and. Testing, and team player basic computer skills and computer literacy are required you want to have a record... Data entry, and/or general office skills supervision or management Science on routes... In trouble-shooting /diagnosing of gasoline and diesel automotive equipment professional experience City drivers move between! Obtain one fedex driver requirements hire benefits discussed above of gasoline and diesel automotive equipment, regulations, more. To provide legal counsel and advice to the continuous increase of packages, drivers... Grab each box, scan it, and international Law preferred payment encourages drivers to Pick-Up and Deliver packages! To organize large amounts of information issues can pose a significant role in the use of computer diagnostics troubleshooting... Additional administrative and clerical duties requiring direct and indirect customer interface correct code for package! Refueling on FedEx Ground advice to the sawmill, or drivers for Amazon, UPS or FedEx employees. Leading the industry in data-based decision making hazardous materials and tank endorsements 2 make fewer stops skills... Provide legal counsel and advice to the continuous increase of packages, <. Pick-Up and Deliver FedEx packages to hiring employees, we are leading the industry in data-based decision.. In regulatory, finance, and more including weekends and holidays as required your business covers all FedEx-required topics ongoing. Shifts including weekends and holidays as required, note that FedEx does background... Human relations and communications skills and tank endorsements 2 it will result in the overall success of your..

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