The Central New York Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance Chapter is proud to recognize the organizations in our corporate membership program. These organizations are leaders in their industries that recognize the value of AFWA and the accounting and finance professions. Corporate members have at least 5 members at their place of business, and help support these individuals to be active within AFWA.

These corporate members work  to enable women in all accounting and finance fields to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their profession by using their AFWA membership to build connections, advance in their field through technical and personal growth, and lead others to achieve their professional and personal goals.

The Central New York Chapter would like to recognize their corporate members for continuing to support our chapter:

Want to become a Corporate Member?

To become a Corporate Member, companies will need to enroll 5 or more members at the same time. Individuals who become members under this plan will receive all the benefits of AFWA membership at a special discounted dues rate, and the company will be eligible to choose from several corporate bonuses. Check out our Corporate Member  for more information.

AFWA members are empowered professionals who succeed with passion and integrity.

A legacy of expertise
Founded in 1938 to increase the opportunities for women in all fields of accounting and finance, members of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance and their companies benefit from resources that accelerate their professional growth. The industry has evolved enormously for women in the past 80 years, with our organization smartly and passionately evolving with it, ahead of the curve, so that all women in accounting and finance can excel.

A plan for your future
AFWA promotes the professional growth of women in all facets of accounting and finance. Members increase their career potential by connecting with colleagues, receiving education and mentorship to advance their careers, and developing leadership skills. For more than 80 years, members have tapped into a network of successful, motivated, and influential professionals who understand the unique position of being a woman in the industry and who, together, contribute to the future development of their profession.