Individual Membership Categories

There is a one time application fee for new members that is not included in the prices below.

  • Regular Member National  – Holds a CPA certificate or equivalent or has two/more years of experience in accounting or finance or holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field.
  • Affiliate Member National – Not actively engaged in the accounting or finance industry or has a substantial interest in accounting or finance.
  • Associate Member National – Regularly enrolled student or has fewer than 2 years of experience in accounting or finance.
  • Student Members National Fee – Regularly enrolled students, attending at least half-time, in post-secondary educational institutions, majoring in accounting, finance, or its equivalent.

Please note that to participate in a chapter, you must purchase both a national and chapter membership. You may select your Chapter during the application process. If you wish to determine your chapter’s dues rate before beginning the registration process, you may contact chapter leaders listed on our Chapter Map.

Renewing your Membership?

Login to the AFWA Members Portal to complete your membership renewal application > login now.

Corporate Membership

AFWA is proud to offer a Corporate Membership Program to companies that enroll 5 or more members at the same time. Individuals who become members under this plan will receive all the benefits of AFWA membership at a special discounted dues rate, and the company will be eligible to choose from several corporate bonuses. Check out our Corporate Member for more information.